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Geneva is one of the most diverse and international cities in the world with 184 nationalities living there. This is a global city, a financial center, and a worldwide center for diplomacy due to the presence of numerous international organizations. Geneva has the third-highest quality of life of any city in the world. There are 82 buildings or sites in Geneva that are listed as Swiss heritage site of national significance.


Café Universal $$ to $$$
26 blv du Pont-d’Arve
Ok. Now this is a restaurant that we particularly like. The food is simply delicious.
Their website is… interesting, but trust us, the food is worth going there.
A. Must. Go.
Prices: 30-40 CHF
Hamburger Foundation – $ to $$
37 rue Philippe-Plantamour, Pâquis
One of the best burger in Geneva ! Nice terrasse, located in the animated neighbourhood « Les Pâquis ».
Their foodtrucks will be at the BrainMeOut party on Tuesday ! 😉
Prices: ~ 20 CHF
Open Mon-Sun
Les Saveurs du Liban – $$
Place de la Navigation, 8, Les Pâquis
In the very nice neighbourood of Les Pâquis, Les Saveurs du Liban (« Lebanon Flavours ») presents a very tasty menu ! The spot (« Place de la Navigation ») is very animated, and you can find lots of other restaurants and bars close to it.
A must go !
Prices: 10-30 CHF
Le Calamar -$ to $$
Boulevard Carl-Vogt 91 , 1205 Genève
Closed on Sunday
Very nice place, good burgers. A great spot to have a drink after work.
Prices: 15-30 CHF
Au coin du bar – $$
17, rue Fr.-Versonnex – CH-1207 Genève
Monday to Friday – 11h30 to 02h00
A very nice little restaurant with sophisticated french cuisine.
Bonus: the restaurant has its own cellar where you can choose your bottle, and they propose quite a broad range of wines !
Average menu price 67.- CHF
Chez ma cousine… On y mange du poulet – $ (Literally : At my cousin’s place, we eat chicken)
Place du Bourg-de-Four 6, 1204 Genève
7/7 – 11 AM/11.30 PM (10.30 PM on Sundays)
And you will find only chicken to eat, there! Very nice and cozy place.
Despite the limited choice of food, it is very tasty, and no doubt that you will have a good time there!
Average menu price 22.- CHF
Soleil Rouge – $ to $$$
Boulevard Helvétique 32, 1200 Genève
Closed on Sunday
An excellent place for wine tasting after the talks!
Great choice of good wines, ideal to meet locals.
Average price: varies a lot
La Demi-Lune – $$
Rue Etienne-Dumont 3, 1204 Genève
Noon to 10 PM
This bar/restaurant in the old city is a great place to start the evening. In a cosy and intimate atmoshpere, you can relax with a good cocktail or a glass of wine. The food is also excellent and with plenty of choices: from burgers to tajines!



BrainMeOut is organizing a city-tour, either by bike or walking. The link to subscribe will be sent soon. Until then, you may have a look at the little booklet that we have made for you about Geneva. Enjoy !

Download the file here.

Switzerland has a reputation for making great watches, and Geneva is one of the cradles of Swiss watchmaking.

Close to our HeadQuarter, you can visit the Patek Philippe Museum, a great place to learn more about the history of one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers.

More infos here.

Museum in Geneva

Discover Geneva and Surroundings

Lavaux Vineyards: the Lavaux vineyards is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful region and taste your favorite wines !

You will easily find a train at the main station to the Lavaux vineyards.

More infos here

Discover Geneva and Surroundings

Salève: there are many nice paths to go up the Salève either by walk, by bike or with the cable car.

Take the bus :

  • 44 or M up to « Croix-de-Rozon », or
  • 8 up to « Veyrier Douane », or
  • 5 up to « Etrembière-Mairie »

From each of these lines, you may find a small bus which will drive you to the cable car.

(the Salève is in France, you will need your ID to cross the border. Walking in the Salève may be dangerous, be careful and take appropriate shoes)


La Fabrique $ to $$
2, rue Micheli-du-Crest
Very nice place to have a drink and eat.
This was actually the headquarter for us during the preparation of brainmeout activities…

Suite 115 $$
61 rue des Eaux-Vives
A very nice wine bar, close to the lake. You can also eat there (tapas). There’s a terrasse in the back, don’t take the tables on the street 😉
Prices: 15-25 CHF
Place du Bourg-de-Four
Close to the Cathedral, the Place du Bourg-de-Four is a great place to chill after work. You can find several bars there. Worth visiting !
Rue Ecole de Medecine – $
The whole street is full of great bars, it is where you will find all the students every night. With cheap beers and cool terrace, this is the place to start the evening!

Our favorites:
The Kraken for the ambiance and design
The Etabli for their flat bread apéro and quiet ambiance
The Flerblanterie with their nice terrace and cheap food and beers.

Little Barrel – $$
Rue du Lac 15, 1207 Genève
5 PM to 1 AM
THE cocktail bar in Geneva! You will find tons and tons of original cocktails prepared by professional bartender. And if you don’t like the suggested drinks on the menu, then just go to the bartender who will create a cocktails according to your preferences! Located in Eaux-Vives, it isn’t the cheapest place but it is worth the money.


Have a round trip on the Geneva lake while you are here !

There is a very nice tour during which you can enjoy the Lavaux vineyards (UNESCO World Heritage) and the Chillon Castle (first historical record of the castle: 1005 !).

Check the Chillon Castle website here.

Check the « CGN » (navigation company) website here.

Want to go to the cinema ? Here’s a list of the theaters in Geneva:

Enjoy a city tour by bike

Have a look at the many different city tours that you can do by bike in Geneva and surroundings.

Discover the very attractive countryside of Geneva !

Enjoy the Geneva lake !

After a scientific day at the OHBM meeting, relax at one of the parks close to the lake:

Don’t know where to start? Let Brain Me Out guide you!

Go to the Cathedral St-Pierre. Built during the 12th century, it is the soul of Geneva. Learn more about it its major role throughout the years and make sure to climb up the clock tower and enjoy the 360 view from the highest point in the city .

Eat at « Chez ma cousine » (litterally: At my cousin’s)! Chicken is what they do, and chick you will enjoy. Nice and cosy, make sure you ask for the special sauce! The choice is limited, but thay also have great salads for vegetarian.

Visit the Museum of Art and History. This is the 3rd biggest museum in the country. It merges acheology, fine arts, applied arts, design and much more. The collection is the result of donations from foundations, collectors and philanthropic citizens since 1910.

 Have a break at « La Clémence ». This is an emblematic Café with a very symbolic name. La Clémence is the name of the biggest (2m, 6’000Kg) and oldest (1407) bell from the Cathedral. It is the rendez-vous of « Le Tout-Genève » with lawyers, bankers, students from the old fraternities and more…

Walk to the Hôtel de Ville, in front of which you will see the old cannons that used to defend the city. Ahead of you is the Grand’ Rue, with Antique shops, old librarians and modern art galleries. On the left is the « Portique de la Treille ». It used to be one of the main doors to the city. Now it leads you to the promenade of La Treille with the longest bench in the world. It stays high above the oldest building of the University of Geneva, surrounded by the Park of Bastions, Geneva’s own Central park. Reach it by turning on your right. You will walk down to the Place Neuve, where you can admire the Opera Theather, the Rath Museum and the Conservatory of Music. From there you can enter the peaceful and beautiful park.

Go to « Le Quartier des Bains ». This is the little SoHo in Geneva. You will find the highest density of art galleries, museums and hip bars in this area, which is known as the European platform of Modern Art. Minutes away from the HeadQuarters of OHBM, le Cercle des Bains, you will only wish that you had more time to explore. On Wednesdays, you will have nearby the « Marché aux Puces », the antiquities market of Plainpalais.

Eat at « Birdie Food & Coffee Shop ». This tiny-localy-tasty shop will offer you a great choice of homemade dishes, take away or on site. Ask for the Birkie Brekkie homemade fresh juice!

Visit the MAMCO. This is the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. It is the largest of its kind in Switzerland and always at the tip of the wave. In the same area you can also find the Ethnography museum of Human diversity, the watchmaker Patek Museum, and many others.

 Have a break at « Rue de l’Ecole de Medecine ». Despite the name, there is no more medecine school here. However you will find the biggest choice of bars and café with affordable beers and comfy terraces. Cheap & fun is key for the afternoon, the evening or the whole night. Would you prefer the hipster bar « The Kraken »? Or the Parisian style café « La Ferblanterie »? Or maybe play chess sitting in velvet couches at « Café du Lys »?

Stroll to Carouge, by walking along the river Arve. It is maybe a very Bourgeois version of Greenwhich village and its inhabitants barely need to remember that there’s a city called Geneva next to it. This small community used to be an Italian settlement and you can recognize the Sardinian roots in the architecture. Shops, shady terraces, crafts, antique dealers, etc. Don’t leave to soon because at night you will have to choose which trendy restaurant you want to go to before going out to the famous « Chat Noir » for a concert, a show, or maybe just to dance…

Go to « Les Bains des Pâquis ». It is a very popular détour for the locals. Built in 1872 it is fully managed by a non-lucrative association. It is a remarkable spot to have a view of the city and Jet d’eau from the lake, but also to have a swim, read a book or simply relax in the hammam.

Eat at « La buvette ». Les Bains des Pâquis are also well known for the food they serve, and among many choices, the well-known Fondue suisse.

Visit the Waterfront. From Les Bains you will have to walk along the lake toward the city, just like the Empress Sissi or the president Wilson used to do. You will walk passed the pont du Mont-Blanc, and if the weather is sunny enough you might actually see the Mont-Blanc in front of you. Make a turn on the left to the pentagonal island of Rousseau, or continue and make a stop at the delicious Faverger house, a landmark of Geneva’s chocolate history. As you come out, cross the Rhône river in front of you on the Pont de la Machine and visit the « Cité du temps », city of time, the greatest horlogery museum you will ever see. Once you’ve reached the left side of town, walk up the rue du Rhône on your left. Among the luxury boutiques, you will find the Victorinox Flagship Store where you are invited to actually make your own personalized swiss army knife.

 Have a break at « Martel Croix d’Or ». And have a delicious hot chocolate beverage in the old café..

Walk to « Eaux-Vives ». Once you come out of Martel, continue toward the lake. You will take the time to have a look at the « Horloge Fleurie » before you continue your walk through the English Garden toward the neighborhood of Eaux-Vives. Continue along the lake and you’ll reach the Jet d’eau or the astonishing Spa « Les Bains-Bleus ». Or maybe you will be adventurous and continue on the main road axis of the city and enter the most dynamic area of the city. Hungry? Try « Le coin du bar » or maybe « Le soleil Rouge » for a little wine tasting. You love cocktails? Even if you don’t, go to the Little Barrel or the Grand Bottle Brothers and ask for a cocktail tailored to your expectations.

Go to « Place des Nations » and the broken chair. Twelve meters high, this is one of the most impressive piece of art of the 20th century. Make a stop and think about the landmines victims it is dedicated to. From there you will see the main entrance to the United Nations with the anthology of international flags. From there, no matter what direction you take, you will end up in front of a major international organization.

Eat at « Le restaurant des Délégués ». Feeling like an ambassador? It’s normal, you’re in their restaurant. Opened from 11h30 to 14h30 the public is invited to join and the taste international buffet. Make sure you book your table in advance, and remember there’s a security check before getting in.

Visit Red Cross International Museum. Defending human dignity, restoring family links, reducing natural risks…  The exhibition The Humanitarian Adventure offers you a unique opportunity to enter into the history of humanitarian action, breaking away from traditional museography.

 Have a break at « Le Pyramus ». Cross the UN park and you will end up in the botanical garden. The Pyramus is the bistrot in the middle of it. Enjoy yourself a drink surrounded by the luxurious nature.

Walk to the city. But make sure to go through the park Mon Repos, and follow the path along the lake. Sit in the grass at La Perle du Lac while watching the boats sailing. Have a look at the photographic exhibition through the Quai Wilson. You will eventually circle back to les Bains des Pâquis and the train station.

Go to the train station. East and South of the train station is the area of Les Grottes Saint-Gervais. Part of the city since the medieval times, it used to be an area of irrational constructions, overlapping houses, farms hidden between two streets and so on. It quickly had a reputation of poverty and being squalid. Once the train station was being built, the city stopped trying to renovate and wished to raze the area. While it became true for Saint-Gervais during the 30’s, the small area of Les Grottes fought back and is now a pioneer in terms of Neighbourhood Contract, Community Participation, Collective Urban development, etc.

Eat at « Les Fleurs de Marie ». Hidden in the area is this girly bistrot, half doll-house, half fairy tale. It is the perfect place for a brunch in a cosy atmosphere where you will most certainly feel at home.

Visit « Le village des Schtroumphs ». Litterally it’s called « Smurf’s Village » but you will not find any little bluish beings sigging most of the time while eating cakes. What you will find though is a block of buildings with the most unexpected architecture possible, such that Gaudí  himself would have been jealous.

 Have a break at « La Galerie ». Again it is quite hidden in a labyrinth of streets and you wish there was a special spell to guide you. But once you have found it, you will be most satisfied to have a coffee in this Bar-Café-Gallery-Association House. Yes, in this place you will find art exhibitions, concerts, games and friendly people.

Walk in the « Parc des Cropettes ». It’s big. It’s Green. It’s quiet. You’ll enjoy it. From there you can walk to the Îlot 13, the best example of a Squat that was given to its inhabitants as a « Self-Managed » area in return for renovating it. They have their own bar « L’Ecurie » where you can have a beer among locals and from there continue to the underground clubs (10bis, Duplex, Patchenko, etc.) behind the train station… As long as they are opened. And if they decide to let you in… But don’t be disappointed if you can’t get in, there is always the most famous alternative building in the city « L’Usine » where everyone is welcomed.