Public Transport in Geneva

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It can be hard to find your way in an unknown city… (and… hem… particularly in Geneva).

But here are some tips for you about public transport in Geneva.

First, here’s a link to the english version of the Geneva Public Transport website.

Then, what you need to know:

  • first of all, when you arrive at your hotel in Geneva, you can ask a « Geneva Transport Card » free of charge. This allows you to use public transport for free during your stay ! More infos here.
  • at the airport, before the customs, you can get a free ticket for public transport. You will just need to keep your plane ticket, so don’t lose it !
  • if you need to by a ticket, know that they can be purchased only with CHF or Euros
  • from the airport to the main venue (Palexpo): bus #5 at stop « Aéroport » direction « Thônex-Vallard ». Duration = 3 min. At peak hours, you should have a bus every 8-15 min. Cost = 2.- CHF, but FREE if you took your ticket from the airport.
  • from the aiport to the city center, duration 20-30 min by bus, 5 min by train:
    • easiest way : by train. You don’t even need to go out of the airport. Once you’ve crossed the customs, go on your left and after a ~2min walk, you will enter another building. Go down the elevators: you’ve reach the train station.
    • bus #5 direction « Thônex-Vallard », stop : « Rive ». This bus also stops at the main station (« Gare Cornavin »). Everything you need to know about this bus here.
    • the other busses from the airport are
      • #10 : Balexert – Cornavin – Bel-Air – Rive
      • #23 : Blandonnet – Lignon – Aïre – Grand-Lancy
      • #28 : Grand-Saconnex – Nations – Jardin Botanique
      • #57 : Blandonnet – Hôpital de la Tour – Meyrin
      • #Y : Blandonnet – CERN – Thoiry
  • from the city center to the venue (Palexpo), duration 20-30 min :
    • from Rive : tram #12 direction « Palettes », stop at « Bel-Air Cité », then take bus #5 at « Bel-Air » and stop at « Palexpo »
    • from Plainpalais : tram #12 direction « Moillesulaz », stop at « Bel-Air Cité », then bus #5 (same as above)
    • from Eaux-Vives : bus #2 direction « Jonction », stop at « Bel-Air », then bus #5 (same as above)


Make your own itinerary here.

  • Thomas Brunner

    Once apon a time one could fetch people from the Geneva airport. Now one can’t. The new tram is causing traffic jams because there’s only one track open , going into Geneva and one track going out of Geneva. The ticket vending machines don’t give change. People from France are parking along the road, before crossing over to the Swiss side. The tram terminal opposite CERN is being modified causing more traffic jams . When are the Geneva people who are responsible for this stupidity going to wake up and rectify this situation, are they completely brainless???? It looks like they couldn’t organise a booze up in a brewery. All my condolences to the poor people that have cross the border to work in Geneva . Yours sincerely Thomas Brunner

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