Tour on the Geneva lake (Lac Léman)

By 05/25/2016News

While you are in Switzerland, take the time to enjoy the Lac Léman. Several tours are organized and they are really worth it ! Here’s our favorite:

Choose the « Heritage » tour. It is a daily tour that starts in Lausanne, and will bring you along the Lavaux vineyards (UNESCO World Heritage) and then to the Chillon Castle. The Chillon Castle is an extraordinary well preserved middle-age castle (earliest records date back from 1005 !) and is one of the most famous places in Switzerland.

By boat, you will need first to go to Lausanne, where the tour starts. You can go to Lausanne by train (40-60 minutes). Check the schedules here. Then, you can join the boat and sail up to the Chillon Castle. Have a look at this page for more information on the boat-tour (duration: 3 hours).

If you prefer to go by train, check the schedules here (up to the Chillon Castle: 1 hour 40 – 2 hours).

You may also visit the Chillon Castle website here.

enjoy !

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